Kompuestos' product range is found in different packaging applications: food containers and packaging, industrial products such as drums and all kinds of bags.


Kompuestos has products specially designed to provide solutions for different plastic components for greenhouses, raffia, irrigation pipes or agricultural films.


High-quality materials to ensure excellent resistance in any situation. Plastic composites are used for making sewage pipes, netting or insulation sheets.


Everyday items such as disposable cutlery, cups and plates, lunch boxes or small appliances are made with high-performance pigments and resins according to customer requirements.

Toys and Sports

Kompuestos' plastic compounds, colours and additives masterbatches are present in goal nets, toys, sporting goods, among others. Always in compliance with EU Toy Safety Regulations 71-3.

Furniture and Garden

High-strength and weather-resistant colour masterbatch and mineral fillers for the production of interior and exterior furniture and accessories such as chairs, tables, planters, irrigators...


For over 20 years, Kompuestos has been a leading additives provider for automotive industry polymers; with talc fillers for the production of seat belts, mats, bumpers and other parts or accessories.

Health, Hygiene and Home Care

Both colour masterbatches and compounds are used in the manufacture of packaging for personal care products and home care (nappies, perfume bottles, cleaning, etc.)


Colour and additive masterbatch compatible with polyolefin and stirenics. This range is composed of the following, white, black, single colour concentrates (mono-pigments), tailor maid colours and additives. Kompuestos’ portfolio includes standard products (allowing for a significant reduction in delivery time) as well as the capability of formulating tailor made colours with a very short delivery time.


Wide selection range of white masterbatch with a high level of tinting and dispersion, to cater all kind of applications, according to the client’s requirements. The white masterbatch range is particularly popular in the manufacturing of blow and cast film, sheet and profile extrusion as well as blow moulding.


Offers a wide range of references with excellent dispersion and tinting strength, to cover from inexpensive up to high end applications, with sophisticated carbon black based formulations.


Kompuestos has developed more than 20.000 different colour formulations for plastic applications, which cover the entire spectrum of technical requirements. Allowing us to achieve high quality masterbatch suitable for all the applications within the plastic industry.


The additive masterbatch portfolio matches any requirement expressed by the client: moisture-scavenger, anti-block, antioxidant, slip or anti-UV. They can be used in different polymers and technologies.


Kompuestos features mineral fillers (compounds) approved by the various plastic industries. It also works in collaboration with its customers to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. Mineral fillers, whether calcium carbonate, talc or silica based, offer several advantages: its environmental impact is minimal, improve process productivity as well as the mechanical properties of the products; while posing a competitive cost advantage.